Beachfront hotel in Peru

Instagram is the new Facebook right now. There is no need to read or really pay attention to the context. You just stare at the pretty picture and click the heart icon. Then quickly move to the next photo. Sounds easy, relaxing and no brainwork is actually required.

Most travel influencers are not real travelers

Travel Influencers post pretty pictures of themselves in fantastic locations. Preferably luxurious hotels, infinity pools, and fancy smoothie cafes. Personally, I have no problems with these locations, but there should be more to travel than just this. What happened to curiosity to learn the foreign culture, history, and customs. There is no way to learn these things by only staying at five-star resorts that cost at least $600 a night. It is a rich bubble without access to real people. Can you learn a country’s history or art at the coffee shop? Most likely not! That’s why there are museums and art galleries. I merely think that traveling is about connecting to the local people and try to learn something about the country or city.

Monks chanting, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore

Boobs are selling on Instagram

It is sad to say but most people now days do not care to learn history and local customs while traveling. They post half-naked photos of themselves to bring cheap attention and get more followers. Post Instagram stories of their chest while talking (boobs are selling on Instagram). People blindly follow and like images like this because they require no thought. It is just a pretty image without that much content. It is sad how people are getting brain dead nowadays.

Beachfront hotel in Peru

Honesty is essential to Instagram.

I would love to see more travel Influencers who are real travelers. People who have a passion for discovering new places and actually bring some useful information to Instagram. I also think that honesty is essential while posting on social media. Tell me when things/places are great but also tell me when they are horrible. I really want to know! How honest can the review of the hotel be if the whole trip is sponsored by the same hotel? I want to know the good and the bad. Tell me what to avoid and what is your recommendation.

Marie-Antoinette’s cell at La Conciergerie in Paris

Letter to all Travel Influencers

Dear Travel Influencer!

Please stop with avocados, kombuchas, talking boob stories, bikini bottoms that hardly cover anything and Snapchat filters! (I want to see your imperfections, we all have them).
Please tell me when you get food poisoning and which restaurant, hotel flaws, local food recommendations, some culture facts.


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