Emirate Airlines

If you ever have seen Emirates airlines TV commercial than you get an idea of how luxurious this airline can get. It shows spacious first class seats, delicious food, and flight attendants wearing cute red hats. I was curious to find out how close this commercial is to the real Emirates airlines.

Booking Emirates

For my first Dubai trip I decided to book with Emirates airlines but thru Orbitz as a hotel flight combo. It turned out to be a much cheaper option. Paying less is the good part, but on the bad side, you won’t be able to upgrade your ticket on Emirates airlines’ website. I was able to pay for $300 (round trip) for a two-seat area in the back. Since it is a huge plane, most seats by the window have a row of three seats. The middle row has five seats. I thought that paying $300 was worth for a more private seat on a 13 hours flight. Picking your seat and food option will have to be done on Emirates airlines’ website, not Orbitz or another travel deal page.

The first impression is everything.

The first thing that made an impression on me when I walked in inside Emirates plane was cleanliness. It was cleaned better than any other plane I have ever seen. Seats were bigger, broader and there was more leg room. Each seat had its TV with plenty of movie and other entertainment options. Pillow and a blanket were already on my chair, so I didn’t have to ask for it. I flew economy class, and I was perfectly happy with it.

Emirate Airlines seats

Who doesn’t like gifts!?

The pleasant surprise was the gift that I received from a flight attendant. It was a cosmetic bag with earplugs, socks, eye masks and cute do not disturb stickers. Each person received a gift bag like this. Business and the first class got a much more beautiful gift.

Food options

I knew the food would be okay once I received a menu from a flight attendant. This was the first time I received a menu while flying. Am I that poor or is Emirates that fancy? There was a western and Indian meal option. Alcohol selection was very vast and included with your plane ticket. I was recommended by a friendly flight attendant to try Amarula, which is an African Baily’s liquor. It was superb!

Emirate Airlines food

Starry sky

Main lights were turned off after dinner and star lights were turned on. The ceiling in Emirates’ planes is full of sparkling stars, which are little night lights. The effect is beautiful and very calming. Most people sleep or watch a movie at this time. Kitchens were fully stuffed with European chocolates, fresh fruit, and drinks for travelers. Everyone can help themselves.

Emirate Airlines stars

Things that I didn’t like:

  • Bathrooms were spacious and clean. However, lines for them were longer than at any other airline. I had to wait sometimes twenty minutes to use it! Maybe they need more bathrooms.
  • On my way back from Dubai I was given another blue gift bag. I politely asked a flight attendant if I could get other colors since she had more of them. She told me that she would bring me one but never did.
  • Taking Emirates from Dubai back to the USA is torture! You have to be there at least three hours early, but nobody tells you that. I was there early do some souvenir shopping, and this saved me. They won’t let you take any drinks with you while you are waiting for a plane for an hour or longer. They separate each family or couple and check your papers like you are criminal. It made lots of people angry including myself. I am not sure if Emirates treats people like this at every airport or is it just in Dubai.


Emirate airlines are cleaner, more spacious and comfortable than most USA based airlines. Food is tasty, and most importantly flight attendants are polite and helpful (most of them). Their plane tickets are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. I would flight Emirate airlines again.

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