Eiffel Tower

Paris the city of lights to many people, it is the city of romance, food, architecture or expensive shopping. Whatever your reason is to visit Paris it will not disappoint you.

All the pictures of Parisian buildings that you saw in Instagram will look even better in real life. Food will look too pretty to be eaten, and shopping is more fashionable than most places on this earth and romance is everywhere.

1. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is the unofficial symbol of Paris. Book your tickets in advance especially in summer when it is the busiest season. Tickets for the summit (third floor) are a little more expensive than tickets to the second floor. Views are much better on the second floor, and it is much bigger and better space for photo taking. Remember to check out Eiffel Tower at night when its lights are twinkling. Fun fact: it is illegal to take a photo of Eiffel Tower at night and share it.

Eiffel Tower

2. Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum is the iconic art museum in Paris. It is a must see in the city of lights. Mona Lisa is the most famous painting at the Louvre. It has even its room in the museum. Once you get thru a crowd of people, you will see a bulletproof glass protecting it. It is a much smaller painting than most people think (2”6” x 1’9”). Make sure to take a photo of the Louvre Pyramid outside. It looks pretty amazing on the inside too.

Louvre Pyramid

3. Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame Cathedral is another must see in Paris. This amazing Gothic architecture makes you respect medieval people and their dedication to God. Entering the cathedral is free, but there is a small cover charge for the tower. It is definitely worth the price to explore Notre Dame Tower, arrive early because the line is very long! After climbing that many stairs you will deserve a treat. There are fantastic ice cream shops on Île Saint-Louis. Get to this small island on Seine river go thru Pont Saint-Louis bridge.

Notre-Dame de Paris

4. Montmartre

Montmartre is the most significant hill in Paris and has splendid views. Basilica of Sacré Coeur with its bright white exterior is the primary meeting location and an excellent background for touristy photos. Montmartre is am artsy neighborhood since the early twentieth century.


5. Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe is a great monument in the heart of the shopping district. It is dedicated to those who fought and died in the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. Names of French generals are inscribed on its inner and outer surface. From the top of the Arc de Triomphe, you will get a lovely view of the city. While you are standing there check out Champs-Élysées and decide, which stores deserve your money.

Arc de Triomphe

6. Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping in Paris is fun! Check out their specialty shops with seafood, bread, and cheese of course. Make a little arrangement and have a Parisian picnic.

Grocery Shopping Paris

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