Machu Picchu

Peru is one of those gripping places that are on most travelers’ bucket list. It offers so much to see, do and eat. Peru has amazing landscapes stretching from Amazon to small coastal towns. Architectural wonders like Machu Picchu and Sacsayhuamán that will take your breath away. Peru is also the new hip place for all the foodies.

To see most of Peru’s beautiful attractions you will need at least two weeks. There is so much to see in Peru that one week is just not enough. Distances between cities are great, and it takes a lot of time to get from place to place. Do not let this discourage you from visiting this magnificent country.

1. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is the holy grail tourist attraction in Peru. It is the most visited place and the most fantastic place in this country. Hire a guide who can show you around and tell you the history of this place. Make sure to get a passport stamp after touring Machu Picchu. It will make a great souvenir.

Machu Picchu


Cuzco was an Incan capital until the Spanish arrived. It has a beautiful architecture that combines native Inca and Spanish elements. Wonder around Plaza de Armas, which is a perfect starting point to tour this city.


3. Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley was home for Incas and now their ancestors. It is a beautiful region that makes a road trip merely exciting. Visit Pisac town in the Sacred Valley on Sunday to check out handicraft market.

Sacred Valley

4. Photo with Llamas

Photo with Llamas is a must in Peru! Llamas and alpacas are everywhere in Peru. Women and children dressed in traditional outfits will walk around with llamas and take a photo with you (for a few dollars).

Peru llamas

5. Nazca Lines

NazNazca Lines are full of mystery and secrets. It is worth to drive from Lima to see Nazca Lines. The best way to see them is from the plane, but if you are on the budget, there is a viewing tower too.

Nazca Lines

6. Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is enormous, beautiful and a little scary. To fully appreciate this lake take a boat ride to Uros floating islands. Native people are amiable and eager to show you around. Walking on floating islands feels like walking on a sponge.

Lake Titicaca Boat Ride

7. Sacsayhuamán

Sacsayhuamán is an architectural masterpiece. Enormous stone pieces are fit together perfectly without any mortar. The whole complex was much taller and bigger before Spanish arrival. One thing is sure; you will feel extremely small here.


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