Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is futuristic but traditional, organized but inviting, small in size but big in character. This city country will make you fall in love with its friendly people, fantastic food and a long list of attractions.

Multicultural background of Singapore makes this little place a mecca for any foodie. Within a few miles, you can have fantastic fish curry, dim sum or hot dosa filled with spicy potatoes and onions. Singapore will not only fill your stomach with excellent food but also with the warm smiles of locals. Respect for different cultures and desire to make your neighborhood coexist so peacefully.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is the hottest hotel in Singapore or even the whole of Asia right now. From far away it looks like a boat that is lifted by three columns. It is famous for its futuristic design and fantastic infinity pool. Staying at Marina Bay Sands is not cheap, but you can still enjoy the view of the pool and harbor at their Observation Deck for $23.  However, the ticket won’t allow you to swim in the pool…sorry.

Gardens by the Bay

2. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay are conveniently located next to the Marina Bay Sands hotel. This futuristic vision of gardens will amaze you during a day and at night. It is free to walk around at look at these giant trees. To get closer to these metal trees, you have to pay an admission fee of $8 for OCBC Skywalk. It is worth it!

Gardens by the Bay

3. Little India

Little India is the most colorful neighborhood in Singapore. Streets are decorated with vibrant signs and window displays. The smell of curry will make you hungry and thirsty for masala tea. Make sure to visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, which will amaze you with its colorful architecture.

Little India

4. China Town

China Town in Singapore is a great place for souvenir shopping. This is the place to get your t-shirts, hats and fake designer sunglasses. After walking take a break at one of the restaurants for a spicy noodle dish and a cold beer. Stop at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple to see Buddhist monks chant. Ladies you have to cover up before entering this temple. They have free of charge shawls outside.

China Town

5. Long Bar

Long Bar at Ruffles Hotel is where the famous Singapore Sling was invented. It still has the British colonial look and feel. Sip on your sling and eat complementary peanuts while throwing peanuts shells on the floor without being judged. If you want to save a few dollars get your drink at the bar, not a table.

Long Bar at Ruffles Hotel

6. Lau Pa Sat

Lau Pa Sat is the oldest hawker in Singapore. Hawker is an open-air food center with many food stalls. Food is local, fresh and inexpensive.  This is definitely the best way to try food in Singapore like a local. Try Singapore Black Pepper Crab at Lau Pa Sat; it is one of the most popular ways to serve crab in Singapore.

Lau Pa Sat

7. River cruise

River cruise in Singapore is the best and quickest way to see a lot of attractions. Cruises start at Merlion Park and go to Boat Quay – a place of original trade houses, Clarke Quay – playful looking shops and restaurants with a river view, and Robertson Quay – is near the source of the Singapore river.

Merlion Park


Singapore is a perfect place for people who will be traveling to Asia for the first time. It definitely has Asian flavor but it is very western a the same time. Singapore makes it easy for new travelers to learn about Asian culture and food. Experience travelers will love Singapore because it has so many things to offer and it never gets dull here. Singapore is also an amazing place for layovers. Book your trip now and enjoy this wonderful city like Crazy Rich Asians!

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