Lake Titicaca Boat Ride

Once you climb to Machu Picchu, chew coca leaves in Cuzco and hug a dozen llamas in Peru. It is time to see Lake Titicaca! You will be amazed by its massive size. It is the world’s highest navigable body of water.

Getting to Lake Titicaca

Getting to Lake Titicaca is a little harder than getting to Machu Picchu or  Cuzco. The biggest town by the lake is Puno, which doesn’t have an airport. The only public transportation option here is a bus or train. Without any major problems, the bus ride from Cuzco to Puno should take six hours.

Puno is not the prettiest town in Peru. It is full of unfinished dirty houses and doesn’t offer many tourist attractions. There were travelers in the past that were beaten by drunk locals. Most visitors go straight for Lake Titicaca and leave Puno behind.

Where to stay

The best hotel in this area is Hotel Libertador Lago Titicaca. It is located on its private island and has fantastic views of the lake. Not the cheapest option but entirely worth it. For people who get altitude sickness hotel stuff will bring oxygen bottle to the room. Tea made out of cocoa leaves is always available in the lobby. Start your day right at  Hotel Libertador with their fantastic breakfast, fresh bread and a panoramic view of Lake Titicaca.

Take a boat trip to the floating islands of Lake Titicaca. Urus people permanently live on these islands for five hundred years. They escaped the Inca people by creating these astonishing floating islands. They considered themselves the owners of the lake and water.

Uros floating islands

It is a lot of fun to walk on Uros floating islands. It feels like walking on a big straw sponge. Homes are very basic but have all the necessary items and a TV! Peruvian government gave Uros people free solar powers that are on the rooves of their houses. People are amiable and will take you into their homes. Try to buy items made by them; most are made out of the straw…suprise surprise. Finish your visit by taking a ride inside a local boat from one floating island to another. 
Lake Titicaca Boat Ride

Taquile Island

For more adventures people Taquile Island is a must. It is a pretty steep and rocky island. Once you get to the island, you will be welcomed by local people. They sell textile items made out of wool. Men exclusively make them. Climb to the top of the island for freshly caught fish lunch prepared by local women.
Taquile Island

It might get some effort to get to Lake Titicaca, but once you get there, you will not be disappointed. Natural beauty and ingenious people who created live for themselves on Lake Titicaca will melt your hearts. Do not forget to try all MUST DO-SEE-EAT things in Peru.

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