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When people talk about cruise vacations, they usually speak about tropical places, warm weather, and food. Is there more to a cruise then unlimited buffet, sugary drinks, and speedy travel? Cruising can be a fantastic option for some people, but a free spirit traveler might be scared to try cruising . Let’s see if you should go on a cruise!

Cruise positives:

Cruising is a one stop vacation, there is no need to move your luggage from a place to a place.
Unlimited food and non-alcoholic drinks.
Night entertainment, live shows, discos, and a casino.
Opportunity to see many places in a limited time.
You are meeting people from all around the world.

Cruise negatives:

Cruise ships are crowded so if you are not a big fan of crowds than cruises are not for you. They might feel like Shopping Mall on a Christmas Eve.
Even though the food is unlimited, it is not always the best category.
Alcohol is always extra and is not cheap.
Rooms are tiny on most cruise ships, the cheaper the room, the smaller it is.
Limited time at each island/location.
At sea days on a cruise ship are long; public places like pool and lounges are incredibly crowded on these days.
Wi-fi is super expensive on cruise ships.

Cruise is an excellent opportunity for a new traveler.

Cruise is an excellent opportunity for a new traveler to see many new places at once. It gives her or him an idea for future travel plans without committing to just one place. It is also a cheaper option to travel for people with limited budget. Especially if you book an interior cabin without windows, it can be a scary experience but if you are a fan of Twilight movies or The Vampire Diaries than coffin room is for you.

Cruising is also great for seniors who are scared to travel by themselves or have mobility issues. Families with smaller kids can benefit from cruising too. It might be more comfortable for them since it is a floating hotel without packing and unpacking every day. Most cruise ships provide childcare which allows parents to enjoy themselves for a little bit.

Cruising is not for freedom lovers.

Going on a cruise is not for adventurous people, freedom lovers, cruising and folks who don’t like restrictions. On a cruise ship, everything is preplanned, and there’s very little wiggle room for a change. If you are a loving freedom traveler than cruising is not your cup of tea. Also, foodies might be often disappointed by cruise food options. It is prepared more for a bland taste palate.


Everyone should go on a cruise at least once in their lifetime. You might end up love cruising and everything they offer. If you are more of a traveler and not vacationer than cruising is not for you. There is only one way to find out if cruising is right for you. Book it today!

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