What to wear in Dubai?

What to wear in Dubai? This is the most common question that people asked me after learning about my trip to the UAE. It is a Muslim country that would make you think that conservative clothes are a must. On the, on the other hand, we see celebrities like Kardashians in Dubai wearing skin tight dresses. So what clothes should we pack for our Dubai adventure?

The United Arab Emirates are more relaxed about clothes than their muslin neighbor countries. However, we should respect their customs, and it includes wearing more modest clothes.

No, no clothes for women in Dubai.

  • shorts
  • tank tops
  • tube tops any top that is showing a stomach
  • short skirt and dresses
  • super tight clothes (this includes skinny pants and yeans)
  • swimsuits or beach coverups in public places (yep…I saw that happen)
  • see-thru clothes
No no clothes for women in Dubai

Ok clothes for women in Dubai.

  • short sleeve shirts
  • maxi dresses
  • knee length skirts and dresses
  • long looser pants
  • high heels are ok (I saw many local women wear super high heels)
  • capri pants

No, no clothes for men in Dubai.

  • shorts that are above the knees
  • sleeveless shirts
  • swimming shorts should be worn only at the beach
  • ripped jeans
  • skinny pants
No no clothes for men on Duba

Ok clothes for men in Dubai.

  • long pants
  • short sleeve shirts
  • long sleeve shirts
  • sandals (this includes flip-flops)
  • hats

What to wear to the mosque?

The mosque is the only place in UAE that women have to cover up honestly. Women have to wear a long dress or a skirt, cover your arms and head. Many mosques have a free rental of the abaya. Gentlemen should wear long pants. Shoes should be taken off before entering the mosque.

What to wear to the beach?

Beaches in Dubai have pretty same the rules as anywhere else in the world. One piece or two piece swimming suits are ok to wear but only on the beach. Do not walk around the town or hotel in your swimming suit. Topless sunbathing is a big no-no in Dubai.


To some people, these lists of proper and improper clothing look very obvious. However, I saw girls wearing something that I would wear only at the night club in Las Vegas. They were just wearing tube tops, shorts that were hardly covering their asses. Wondering why people are staring at them!

You don’t have to agree with UAE religion or politics, but as a tourist, you have to show some respect. When someone invites you for a dinner party and the host asks for you to take off shoes, what do you? Dah…take off the boots. It is the same when we visit a foreign country. We have to respect the host. If you are looking for things to do in Dubai check out my Must-Do-See-Eat Dubai post.

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